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MacDonald Island Park hosts a variety of programs for homeschooled children. Youth can get creative with visual arts, reach new heights at the Pepsi Climbing Wall, and play around with sport & fitness programs. Programs are available for youth ages 4-18.

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Homeschool Swim Programs

  • Homeschool Swim

    • Swimmer 1 Nov 28 to Dec 21 09:00 AM-09:40 AM Wait List
      Swimmer 1
      Pre-requisites: Must be a minimum of 6-12yrs of age. No swimming experience necessary.

      Building the foundation of swimming skill development beginner swimmers will gain confidence in the water as they learn safe entries into various depths of water, treading water in a lifejacket, opening their eyes underwater, and breath control. Once they have learned their floats, rollovers, glides, and kicks from front to back, they will front crawl their way into the next level.
      Mon, Wed from Nov 28 to Dec 21 (8 Sessions)
      09:00 AM-09:40 AM
      Syncrude Aquatic Centre
    • Swimmer 2 & 3 Split Nov 28 to Dec 21 09:45 AM-10:25 AM Wait List
      Swimmer 2 & 3 Split
      Pre-requisites: Must be a minimum of 6-12yrs of age. Successful completion of Swimmer 1 and/or Swimmer 2

      Swimmers will gain comfort in deeper water by jumping in, learning their sideways entry, and treading water without a lifejacket. Swimmers will be challenged by the introduction of various skills including, flutter kick on their front, back and side, vertical whip kick with an aid, and swimming front crawl and back crawl for 10m. Swimmers will get to work on their Swim to Survive skills and be introduced to interval training.
      Mon, Wed from Nov 28 to Dec 21 (8 Sessions)
      09:45 AM-10:25 AM
      Syncrude Aquatic Centre

Homeschool Visual Arts Programs