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  • Tyler, Personal Training & Group Fit
      • Tyler was born and raised in the small town of Smithville, Ontario. He remained active primarily through Hockey, Track and Field, Hiking, and later, Martial Arts conditioning. After high school he moved to Kingston to complete the Fitness and Health Promotion program. During this time he completed an internship with the St. Lawrence College Basketball and Soccer teams. Since then he has worked at two private training facilities with a wide range of clientele. His personal fitness goals generally mimic that of his clients in the realm of athletic Strength and Conditioning through different styles of Periodization. 
      • Certifications: CSEP-CPT, OFC RHEP, AFLCA Group Fitness and Resistance Training, Standard First Aid and CPR-C, Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma
      • Specialty: Tyler's primary specialties are Athletic Performance and Rehabilitative Fitness. He has worked with Professional, Elite amateur, and Varsity athletes, in various sports such as Hockey, Football and Rowing. In the Rehab domain Tyler spent a few years working in conjunction with physiotherapists to develop safe and effective training programs for both in private and group settings. As for his work with the general fitness, his training strategy is a combination of "want vs. need", analyzing your current movements, mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. From here we team up to establish a realistic plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Chelsey, Group Fitness Instructor
      • Chelsey comes from a dance and competitive fastball background. She has worked with children and youth to develop physical literacy, nutrition and mental health. Majority of her work has focused on health promotion both on a local and international level in countries such as Haiti, Australia, Cambodia, Panama, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
      • Certifications: Group Fitness Certified through ACE, DANCEPL3Y Certified, Fitness Theory through BCRPA, Bachelor of Science in Nursing specialized in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
      • Specialty: Chelsey specializes in illness prevention and chronic disease management. Her experience has been with pre and post-natal women, adults with chronic disabilities and children in the area of health promotion. She works with adults of all fitness levels to improve their quality of life and develop lifelong fitness habits. She also works with children and youth to improve physical literacy through DANCEPL3Y.
  • Haley, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
      • Haley comes from a fitness competition background and competed in her first show at 18 years old. Since then she has expanded her knowledge to encompass all aspects of health and wellness by becoming a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and a group fitness extraordinaire, all while obtaining her nursing degree. She has been training members of the YMM community since 2015 and helping them to achieve their fitness goals.
      • Certifications: AFLCA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, TRX Group Trainer, Starrett System: Movement and Mobility, and Bachelor of Science Nursing
      • Specialty: She believes in a balance and the importance of incorporating strength, plyometric, cardiovascular, and stretching into a fitness plan. She specializes in weight-loss and strength by introducing new training styles and equipment: eccentric training, HIIT, and TRX (to name a few). She is passionate about perfecting form to help both men and women achieve their goals - anything from becoming competent in a pull-up to building up a strong glutes. She will help you create a sustainable, improved version of yourself, and will push you outside your comfort zone. Her optimism, nutritional insight, and passion for a balanced healthy lifestyle will inspire you to achieve your heal-related goals.
  • Sangram, Certified Personal Trainer
      • Growing up, Sangram was involved in various sports and outdoor activities. His interest was to pursue a career in Physiotherapy. After graduating with a Bachelors in Physiotherapy Sangram worked with a variety of special population in hospitals and clinics. He enjoyed treating various conditions and helped individuals recover faster. His fitness journey began 6 years ago, when he started working out while pursuing his degreeat the University. Sangram completed a Fitness and Health Promotion program from Fanshaw College in London, Ontario and graduated in 2012. He has gained some experience by working at at local YMCA and later moved to Alberta. He started working for MacDonald Island Park in 2014. During this time he was involved in designing various preventative restorative programs and conducted group fitness classes for rock climbing while serving multiple roles in the corporation. When not working or studying, Sangram enjoys travelling, visiting new places and exploring different cultures.
      • Certifications: Bachelor's in Physiotherapy (NTR University of Health Sciences, India), Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotin (Fanshawe College, Ontario), Certified Fitness Trainer (Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Alberta), Adaptive Fitness Certification (training special population, Hutton House, Ontario)
      • Specialty: Sangram's specialization is in Pre-Rehabilitation and Post-Rehabilitation. He tailors Health and Wellness coaching to suit different fitness goals and abilities. Sangram also works with strength training, weight-loss clients and sport specific clientele.
  • Gabriella, Certified Personal Trainer
      • Gabriella was born and raised in Hungary. She started gymnastics at the age of 6 but made the switch to track and field when she was 11. As a young adult, she gained an interest in body building and tried a lot of group fitness classes. After earning a Bachelor in Business Communication she decided to transition to the Fitness Industry 7 years ago. Training herself as well as others is her hobby, passion and, luckily, her job too. 
      • Certifications: ISSA, YMCA, AFLCA Personal Training, YMCA Group Fitness – Spin, Core, Resistance, Aquafit, Canada Fitness Kick Box Level One, Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor
      • Specialty: Kettlebell, Mobility, Core conditioning, and over 40 age group
      • Favourite Exercise: Yoga
      • Fitness Tip: "Invest into a trainer at least once in your life. You will see amazing progress with your training."
  • Tiffany, Certified Personal Trainer
      • Tiffany comes from a fitness competition background and has competed in several shows over the years. She has be resistance training for many years and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and promoting fitness as a licensed practical nurse in Fort McMurray.
      • Certifications: Pre/post-natal training, Personal Training, Health care provider CPR, LPN
      • Specialty: Tiffany is specialized in pre and post-natal training. She has previously worked with general population. She really enjoys small group training and training women of all ages.
      • Favourite Exercise: Squats
      • Fitness Tip: "Hydration is key."

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